You appeared

Catching Fireflies

When I was just a little girl

And the summer nights seemed so wild

I ventured into the darkness

And I felt so fearless next to a fire

I was mesmerized


I was catching fireflies

I held my glass jar and saw

My reflections from the fire

I never understood my simple desires

They painted pictures so vivid

And the light from the fire in the dark was like a ribbon

I was simply mesmerized and hypnotized

I was catching fireflies

And they glittered and sparkled

Little lights against the night

My fireflies I had collected

My heart filled with delight

I danced in the woods

Twirling round and round

I was simply mesmerized


I was catching fireflies

When I awoke the next morning

In the light of day

Their fires had all gone out

And I was to blame

For the extinguishing of their flames

I didn’t understand

For they were still held captive in my jar

No lights, no flight they had all gone dark

No longer any spark

No longer mesmerized

I had to release my fireflies

I let go of my fireflies

It’s with the innocence of a child

That we sometimes become wild

And allow the simple longings of our heart

We get caught up in the lights

And the dizzying heights

Of all we thought we needed in our lives

But sometimes in the chasing after

We are simply mesmerized

And hypnotized

And we begin to realize

We were simply catching fireflies

Lisa Benjamin Muench

June 2019



I’m just a songwriter

I can paint a picture with my words

I sculpt a melody so the story can be heard

And for just a moment I can take you back in time

And create a snapshot

Within the corners of your mind

But I’m just a songwriter

My medium is thin air

And some words that I will share

I’ll spin them into gold

And before you know it

You feel them deep within your soul

And I can bring tears to your eyes

Before you even realize

That you’re living in a memory

And feeling every emotion

That you once did

But you were just a kid…

And I’m a songwriter

I paint a picture with my words

And before you know it

Your heart is running towards

That old melody

It sounds just like a symphony

The loudest sound inside your head

Your soul just wants to be fed

And those sweet memories

Keep on coming back to seize

Your heart and your soul

And you just wanna go

Back in time to realize

The pain is still fresh paint

It won’t dry and you can’t wait

To feel so deep again

So alive

You want to revive

You need it to survive

So take the pen, Songwriter

Go deep within, Songwriter

I will let you in, Songwriter

You can restore my soul

And I just want to know,


Just how it is you

Truly know

My soul,


Lisa Benjamin Muench

May 2019

Vagabond Heart Adrift at Sea

I stand on the balcony on a ship at sea

I sang Vagabond Heart only knowing what it meant to me

There were whitecaps passing by

But much to my surprise

I was at peace

I saw those waves rushing by

Created by the movement

Of the things I feel inside

And I am moving

I’m not losing

This sense of me

It is who I will always

And-forever be

And I’m singing Vagabond Heart

On this ship that’s heading for a shore

Always longing for something more

And the ocean keeps turning and churning

And I keep feeling her yearning

For a heart so simple and pure

Just like my Vagabond Heart

I wish you knew this Vagabond Heart

She keeps beating breathing and simply being

She can’t help but be

a Vagabond Heart

Grassy Strange

April 2019

Yesterday’s Mirror

Yesterday’s Mirror

As I look in the rearview mirror

I see those roads I traveled down

Funny how they don’t seem

Familiar now

Wish I could say they weren’t so dusty

But the corners of my mind

Have become rusty

And in yesterday’s mirror

I see some good memories

But it’s hard to love the ones

That you didn’t share with me

As I look in the rearview mirror

I see so many things I missed

I guess I was looking down

Because I had to shift

Those backroads in my mind

Some were bumpy Some so rough

And I guess over time

My heart became a little rough

And in yesterday’s mirror

I see I passed by a thing or two

I wish the backroads I traveled

You had gone down too

And it seemed so easy

To look in yesterday’s mirror

But now every time I do it

I always feel a tear

And I can’t look back

No, you can’t look back

In yesterday’s mirror

There are things I wouldn’t change

And some things I wish I could

But looking into yesterday’s mirror

Is something that I should

No longer do

Because I start to miss you

Because you can’t look back

You should never look back

Because sometimes things aren’t clear

When you look in yesterday’s mirror

March 26, 2019

Lisa Benjamin Muench

A.k.a Grassy Strange

My Tumbleweed

My Tumbleweed

I sent out a tumbleweed

That was tangled deep in my heart

It blew across the prairie

Wild from the start

The wind it howled and carried it far

From the depths of my desert soul

I don’t know how it grew so large

For it was formed within a deep dark hole

The aching and the longing

Of my lonely tortured mind

My tumbleweed scours the prairie

For the someone I long to find

To quench my thirst for love and laughter

For the happily ever after

To which only seems elusive

so exclusive… not meant for tumbleweeds

Aimless wandering tumbleweeds.

Calling out for you, no answer

no place to land

brushing only sand

Constantly roaming

And I wonder

Never knowing

Will he ever see

My tumbleweed

For those who see the beauty in a tumbleweed

Lisa Benjamin Muench – (Grassy Strange)

Restless Heart

Restless Heart

Here we go again

You can’t be still

Blowing in the wind

What are you searching for

Restless Heart?

Are you looking for a love

That only a fire can start?

Are you living in a dream

Where imagination runs wild

Where you are free to beat

And run like a barefoot child?

Restless Heart

Are you looking for a touch

Of another restless Heart

That could love just as much?

Restless Heart

You can’t stop beating

If you keep holding back

You’ll soon be repeating

The same mistakes of yesterday

Let go of yesterday

And say what you need to say

Restless Heart

Lisa Benjamin Muench – (Grassy Strange)